Letter to the Editor: Envy is one of the deadly sins


Thursday, March 28, 2019

People who always brag on themselves are the absolute opposite of their fake accomplishments. Trump forever could not fathom the fact that President Obama had graduated from Harvard. Not only did President Obama graduate from Harvard, he graduated Manga Cum Laude (with great distinction). Your current president wants his transcripts from high school and college sealed. He threatened to sue if this information is ever leaked. I guess he's more inferior than we thought.

But Trump tapped into that electorate of the Republican Party that was dormant for many years. They are not the most comprehensive minds of the party, but he has cornered the market on their votes nonetheless. Have you ever wondered how one man could influence so many? Trump is like that false prophet who tells his flock just what they want to hear. Trump has tapped into their bigotry, hate and fears. And Trump and family continue their corrupt ways with their blessings.

Trump, Steve Bannon, Steve Miller and Jeff Sessions have set this country's race relations achievements back nearly 30 years. Trump has emboldened a bitterness that was smoldering into a three alarm fire. Those FBI agents he criticizes are some of the key players in keeping control of such groups and infiltrating these groups in risk of life and limb. He has to be the only president during our lifetime, with the exception of Nixon, that has publicly criticized our law enforcement agencies.

We as a country should not tolerate, let alone back a crooked president. The 2020 presidential election will define this nation. Are we a nation of laws, or have we become a nation where money replaces God, as "In God we Trust". I don't believe he will, but if Trump receives a second term, this country has really become no better than a corrupt authoritarian government.

How can one say that they are for "Law and Order," "Family Values" and "Small Government" then back a lawless, corrupt, philandering and bigoted president? Hypocrisy should be the slogan of the Trump led Authoritarian Party. Once the Democratic segregationists aligned with the Republican Party, it was no longer the party of Lincoln. Now comes Trumpism.

In closing, as a president, if you are praised by domestic terrorist groups, this should not be a good look. But at least you know why Trump went out of his way not to denounce such groups. These groups are part of his constituency. 

Dallas E. Ford

Rocky Mount