Letter to the Editor: City councilman plays the victim


Friday, March 15, 2019

Mr. Knight complains that we are complaining about his purchases of property in an attempt to excuse what he and other council members are doing to taxpayers.

He knows full well that using his power as a council member to force taxpayers to purchase his property for millions of dollars in profit to him is the problem. Forcing the building of the Event Center on that property without a referendum is the problem. Of course he had a right to purchase the property, use his money to develop it or recruit a developer to do so. He did not have the right to force the responsibility on the taxpayers.

The Event Center has become a $48 million place to hold parties. We are not being told what taxpayers are paying monthly for its operation, let alone $3.5 million in taxes each year. Meanwhile, no jobs have been created. The only people profiting are those with the OIC that taxpayers built into it. Oh yes, these same council members get to decide how much taxpayer money is given to the OIC each year — nothing to see here.

When all else fails, claim racism. Another of Mr. Knight's favorite racist remarks "white flight", is also a lie. Both black and white people left to find jobs elsewhere when the Mills and other industry closed. It happened all over the country, not just in Rocky Mount, when federal treaties destroyed industry in the U.S. All downtown areas suffered, including the one in my hometown.

Helen Hultgren

Rocky Mount