Letter to the Editor: Root out corruption on all fronts


Sunday, March 10, 2019

I grew up in the city of Rocky Mount and still live in the area.

I am a sinner by birth, but thank God I am His child by grace. In God's great mercy, He also called me to be a minister of the Gospel. I have been following recent events unfolding in Rocky Mount. Words such as “ethics,” “racism” and “corruption” have been abundant in editorial pieces, comment sections, rebuttals, letters to the editor, television interviews, etc ...

One thing the Bible makes clear is that regardless of skin color, we all possess the same sinful nature as the children of Adam. The problem we face is not limited to a certain class or race of people, but it is a systemic issue. Whether we are talking about corruption in the Republican Party of the 9th district or in the city government of Rocky Mount, the problem is the same.

With each passing day, the systemic nature of our problem becomes more obvious. People of all races, classes and party affiliations say things such as "Everybody else does it anyway," "We are no worse than the previous group" or "Just be sure you don't get caught."

Corruption in places of leadership is most detestable because it directly affects so many people. Our first president, George Washington, was acutely aware of this. The people at his inauguration chanted, “God bless our Washington! Long live our beloved president!” He appreciated the love shown to him, but he was also acutely aware of the temptations to corruption that come with such a position. Thus, he limited himself to two terms, even before term limits existed.

My prayer is that God will open eyes to see that each of us, regardless of race or status, has a corrupt nature. I pray that the corruption in city government, the 9th district and the very highest offices of government in our land will be brought to light. I commend those who have given their lives to honest research in order to expose corruption, Government officials need accountability.

However, as a minister of the Gospel, I am called to expose the root cause of all corruption: the sinful, deceitful heart common to us all! (Jeremiah 17:9). Matthew 15:19 tells us that adultery, lying, stealing and all sorts of unethical things originate in the heart. Jesus Christ did not come to reform society. He came to call individual sinners to repentance. He came to address the root problem in each one of us. He wants each of us to turn to him today, trusting him with all of our heart.

Daniel Peede

Rocky Mount