Letter to the Editor: Why no response from tweeter-in-chief?


Sunday, March 3, 2019

Domestic terrorism has existed in this country even before Reconstruction. Somehow, when demonizing refugees coming in from the southern border this known fact is somehow misplaced.

Trump can find time to tweet about everything when it comes to country divisiveness, except domestic terrorism. Lt. Christopher P. Hasson of the U.S. Coast Guard, a self-proclaimed white nationalist and avid Trump supporter, was found with an arsenal of weapons and explosives. He also had a list of people he wanted to harm, from Trump political enemies to members of the press. He also had targeted 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls. I guess Trump's Twitter account was inoperable. As he claimed he was not briefed on the incident, yet he was briefed on Jussie Smollett. Trump has always railed on voter fraud. Usually coming from him it was unsubstantiated. But clear and concise voter fraud just happened in North Carolina's 9th District. And not a peep out of your president because the perpetrator was a Republican.

Trump is clearly not a president of the people. The way Republicans in Congress found ways to criticize and disrespect President Obama proves they hated the man and not his policies. Trump is truly not a conservative, a politician, ones who unites or a president. But with all his flaws he is still loved by the majority of the Republican Party. No matter what he does, he will not be corrected, nor dared rebuked by the Senate majority leader.

But rest assured when he sees Putin, he is a different person. Just check his body language. Trump's whole foreign policy has somehow always revolved around Russia's best interest. If we as a people cannot see that there is something utterly wrong with this president and the Putin regime, then we are in more trouble than we once thought. I am confident that true Americans, will not allow an authoritarian president to ruin this country that we all love. I guess his love fest with Ann Coulter is over. She called Trump and his rally supporters idiots.

If Trump's thin skin will not allow him to be president of all people, then he should be replaced. Most Americans can attest that a grave mistake was made in allowing this man to become president. But we must also remember that something stank to high heaven in Trump being elected. 

Dallas Ford 

Rocky Mount