Letter to the Editor: Who are the real racists?


Saturday, February 23, 2019

What is racism? Webster’s New World Dictionary defines it as a program or practice of racial discrimination.

That same dictionary defines discrimination as a showing of difference or favoritism in treatment. It is treating people differently in a negative way based on their race. I looked these up to see if anywhere in these definitions there was any limitation of racism to a specific race and there was not, so that means that any race can be the subject of racism. Therefore, if white people are castigated and called names and treated differently by a group of folks simply for asking questions or complaining about a matter, that would mean that they would be the subjects of racism, and the people doing the castigation would be the racists. Further, if white people were fired from their employment simply because they were white, that would obviously constitute the worst kind of racism and would certainly be something the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission would look into.

It appears that racism is alive and well at City Hall as any question or complaint about the city manager or her practices by any white person is met with insults by certain members of the City Council. When you consider that the manager has been engaged in the inefficient, wasteful and very questionable exercise of her duties such as hiring friends at exorbitant salaries and allowing one of them to live out of state while reportedly costing the city thousands of dollars by failing to do her job, it is understandable and perfectly reasonable to make inquiries and complaints about the manager’s ability to do her job or her intentional malfeasance. For certain individuals to rudely attempt to disparage those questions as racism simply because they are voiced by whites speaks volumes about where the real racism resides and who the real racists are.

Some folks see racist claims as a means to an end where there is no actual racism to intimidate people so that they can get their way. Many of these same folks routinely claim racism whenever they experience anything they don’t like and apparently don’t understand that every time they make one of these bogus claims, they weaken the effectiveness of any justifiable claims. I assume everyone is familiar with the fable about the boy who cried wolf too often and what the final result was for that young man. That is precisely where we are headed here.

Paul Duffy

Rocky Mount