Letter to the Editor: Nothing negative said about Harris


Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Again Lindell Kay has done a story about me and not contacted me. He did that two other times, once with a story about Taro Knight when he died and then again with the Rev. Roosevelt Higgs.

I questioned him about that and he came to me during a meeting held at OIC that J. Kelly hosted and apologized. He said Higgs had called him around 12 times to do a story about the appointment of the Edgecombe County sheriff so he just did the story. I said but you went on my blog but never called me. Sad, he listens to a criminal but will not take the time to call someone of my status. To me that is because Higgs is no threat as a voice but because I am vocal, it appears he wants to attempt silence me. Not!

It is a shame that Lindell continues to write all of these misleading articles intentionally leaving out facts while catering to some white folk and some black folk who go after certain black folk because we are vocal and must be a threat to some. I call it just speaking truth to power.

I posted on my blog that Keith Harris only had a two-year degree and he didn’t live in Rocky Mount during the time he was the fire chief. I heard several folk say this in different meetings but they act as if I only talk to Andre Knight.

I responded to Harris on his page, “Never said you claimed to have a four-year degree. I just showed the folk you only had a two-year degree and also that you never lived in the city. I never questioned what you have done because I don't know you and you don't know me. However, I have been hearing a lot about you from folk in the know. But it isn’t about you so to speak but about these ignants that are talking about black folk not being competent and not having the qualifications.

Now run and tell that — that the guy from Pinetops said that.

Curmilus (Butch) Dancy II