Letter to the Editor: Border wall a cowardly move


Monday, February 18, 2019

History is replete with civilizations that had built walls of various kinds to keep out enemies they cannot defeat. And through time, much of the walls have been brought down. What has not fallen, like the Great Wall of China, has become a tourist curiosity.

Globalization has given transnational monopolistic corporations a free hand to roam the world. They gain enough economic control to influence the policies of the host countries with the aid of global financing and banking institutions, which then allow them to exploit cheaper labor and rob these countries of their resources. There are no walls holding them back. There are no walls saying: Stop, you are depriving these countries of developing themselves for the benefit of their own peoples.

After centuries of unregulated economic and political imperialism, the world has become an arena of massive global inequalities. Millions live in poverty on the edge of starvation, unable to even eke out a few crops on lands devastated by climate change caused by industrial pollution. The other millions are running away from war-torn lands, from the unending conflicts of western powers led by the USA in the Middle East, North Africa, and lately, Venezuela.

Whatever the reason, U.S. imperialistic ambitions have produced a global refugee problem which this government does not acknowledge or take responsibility for. In fact, the building of the wall between this country and Mexico is just such a cowardly move. This wall is the culmination of continued attacks on undocumented workers, denial of rights for the “dreamers,” raids by ICE and so on. It is the usual “blaming the victims” tactic.

Lies told to persuade the general public alleged that the refugees are rapists, murderers and terrorists. Really? Consider this: the genocide of our native peoples, the forced enslavement of Africans to work in the plantations here, the colonial conquests and brutal treatments of conquered populations all over the world, the unrelenting and unapologetic abuse and rape of black slaves by white folks, the lynchings, the unnecessary bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima and on and on. The profiteers, the corporations and the governments that support them and hide their crimes are the real rapists, terrorists and mass murderers.

As we take into account the various crises generated by this system, it becomes more urgent to engage in positive social actions, or we may soon not have a world to change as pollution continues unchecked.

Dr. Kim E. Koo

Rocky Mount