Letter to the Editor: We won't be fooled


Saturday, February 16, 2019

Some of you readers may have seen an email I sent to the Telegram a couple of weeks ago which the paper was gracious enough to print.

I want to apologize for that correspondence now because what I wrote was wrong. I said that city officials needed to show some maturity and honesty in dealing with the city manager issue, but they obviously need so much more than that. They also need to display some courage and a reasonable measure of intelligence in order to overcome the influence and mendacity demonstrated by those who would keep this woman employed despite her inability to do her job honestly and in an objective manner.

For those people to believe that the thinking citizens of Rocky Mount are fooled by their rhetoric is a testament to the way they have been managing to get away with whatever they felt was necessary to accomplish their nefarious purposes, without any real oversight or challenges. Fortunately, those days have come to an end and there will be constant monitoring of their activities by many from this day forward for as long as necessary to prevent things such as profiting from the taxpayers’ support of the city.

As a good example of the ridiculous nature of their defenses to their actions, many of which actions appear to be part of some warped notion of racial retribution, they expect the public to believe that the Telegram must have made up the letter about firing white department heads since they maintain there was no such letter. Think about that for a minute, they underestimate the intelligence of Rocky Mount citizens so severely that they expect them to believe no such letter ever existed and so it was all a fiction that was invented by the paper. Does that pass the smell test under any circumstances you can dream up? Who has the only real incentive to lie about this?

Reuben Blackwell made the statement Monday evening that he wants to create the best Rocky Mount for everyone with equality, inclusion and shared prosperity and that he wasn’t trying to oust any white department heads. I hope for his sake he is being honest because the sheriff of Nash County may not be interested in investigating, but that does not mean there will not be an investigation. And I mean a real investigation and not some perfunctory review of a few matters by a local law firm.

Paul Duffy

Rocky Mount