Letter to the Editor: An exciting time for local economy


Friday, February 15, 2019

A new call center in Spring Hope; Pfizer and Cummins are growing; ABB is adding new space and jobs; Triangle Tire and Corning are about to begin major construction on their buildings; The CSX/DOT project, The Carolina Connector multimodal, will be coming out of the ground in April; a new Community College Training Center will begin construction this spring; the Rocky Mount Mills project continues to grow; the Event Center is going very well — and so much energy and vibrancy is being generated by all this activity that one can just feel the excitement in the air as you journey around the two counties and the towns and communities.

And there is more to come.

If the Council of State votes to relocate the DMV headquarters to Rocky Mount, as we hope they will in March, our communities will welcome another five hundred people to our growing family.

What an exciting time to be in the Twin Counties; to be in Rocky Mount, Spring Hope, Nashville and Tarboro and all our other towns and communities. We have much to be thankful for and much work to do to continue to show all the above players that we are the welcoming, supportive and vibrant communities that we say we are.

North Carolina is a great place to do business and our recent growth as a state proves that. The Twin Counties, Nash and Edgecombe, and all our cities and communities are a great place to do business, too — and we are proving it every day as our civic, business and political leaders work hard to justify our claim to be the region on the grow.

It's fun to welcome all these new people to our communities; they will bring new jobs, new energy and new potential to our area. So keep welcoming new neighbors, keep helping us grow and get better every day.

E. Norris Tolson, president and CEO

Carolinas Gateway Partnership