Letter to the Editor: State auditor should investigate city


Thursday, February 14, 2019

Tax payers are outraged by the conduct of this city government and have been for years. Our mayor angrily announces the investigative reporting by the Telegram is bad for the city. No Mr. Mayor, the conduct of our City Council and city manager is bad for the city and the taxpayers. I guess we are to believe that he has not been aware of everything that has been happening.

The incompetence, disrespect for tax payer dollars, nepotism, cronyism, racism and city officials lining their pockets with tax payer money is bad for the city and taxpayers. Decisions being made in private meetings and behind closed doors are bad for the city. Exhorbitant salaries being paid to incompetent, unelected employees is bad for the city. In a city of 55,000 people with a median income well under $40,000, handing out half-million dollar salaries is outrageous. No one in the state government with far greater duties receive salaries of even half that amount.

The mess created by this City Council began long before Small Toney was hired. I believe she was hired because of her reputation, not in spite of it. Too many people in the government were objecting to what was happening. Too many people were speaking out and had to be silenced. She had proven to be quite willing to do so.

The Telegram investigation is independent. They have nothing to gain. They were just giving a voice to those who have been silenced. I was eagerly awaiting their investigation of everything that occurred with the Event Center. I hope that they and others are not being threatened into keeping quiet. Such actions against the ability of a free press to conduct interviews and investigate is also a crime, Mr. Mayor.

Since so much of this mess involves taxpayer money, we must demand that the state auditor be allowed to conduct the investigation.

Helen Hultgren

Rocky Mount