Letter to the Editor: Turmoil on the Left


Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The genesis of sin and the fall of man came into existence in the Garden of Eden. The fall of man was replicated in the godless New York legislature and evil confirmed as lawmakers basked in self glorification on their extremist legislation in regards to abortion.

Abortion after birth is not abortion, it's murder. Similar efforts in other states are the rotten fruit of a culture that has long abandoned the sanctity of life. The often repeated cliches about the "health of the mother" is so open ended that nearly any circumstance could apply.

Men lost their right long ago to have any say in the matter. Previous civilizations that offered their children on altars in hope of receiving some “twisted blessing" collapsed from moral rot. As soon as a child is born, it inherits all the rights, privileges and protections afforded by the U.S. constitution. Thirty-eight states have laws on the books recognizing full or partial victim coverage which penalizes the unlawful killing of an unborn child. It is a crime where murder, manslaughter or fetal homicide can be charged. So how is it that an unborn infant in the womb has rights while several states are pursuing legislation where a baby already born has no rights. Why haven't we heard from the Pope regarding this issue? He certainly has no problem pushing his climate change agenda or worldwide open borders.

And then there is the hot mess in the state of Virginia. The governor promoted infanticide and has admitted to appearing in blackface, the lieutenant governor is accused of sexual assault and the attorney general admitted he also appeared in blackface. These are the top three Democrats in the state. The usual suspects in the liberal media and their propagandists are now unwillingly forced to cover not one, but three of their own. Aforementioned pundits have now reaped a well deserved comeuppance by the double standards, lies, deceit, corruption, ignorance, malfeasance and hypocrisy that are abundantly prevalent on the left but never called out.

Partisan media elites never expose any indiscretions that casts a negative light with their allies on the left. How can you repeat all day, every day with a straight face that Trump and his supporters are racist when it appears you have two living in your own house? I hope this debacle in Virginia continues, so we can witness the squirming and twisting of the masters of identity politics when confronted with a dose of their own medicine.

Perry LaGrange

Rocky Mount