Letter to the Editor: Follow the money


Monday, February 11, 2019

Rocky Mount citizens are concerned about the welfare of their city and the way their taxes are being used.

On Monday, Jan. 28, hundreds of city residents attended the council meeting. So many came that the council room, a second floor room and the lobby were filled and even some had to stand. They wanted answers from the council. I'm afraid that they left the meeting with no answers.

Citizens were given the opportunity to speak and many did. There were pros and cons about the health of our city under its present leadership. The speaker for the NAACP tried to make this a racist matter. The previous city manager was of color. It was not about race, but about money.

Everything was looking positive for the city. In the community there seemed to be the beginning of the joining of hand to make out lives better. People of all races were beginning to talk and work together. The churches were reaching out to all. We had been in the dark, but we could catch a glimmer of hope. The future of Rocky Mount was "On the Rise".

For a while in the past, our young people left Rocky Mount in order to find a better future. Now they are beginning to return home to work and raise a family. I don't think this would be happening if they did not have faith in the rebuilding of their city.

Downtown was being looked at by investors in and out of the city because they wanted to be part of this turn around. Have there been any new inquires or purchases?

The Event Center has already been booked for several events because the person in charge put in many hours talking up Rocky Mount and thus securing several events. Is the new manager working as hard? 

CXS is coming, low rent apartments have been built and houses are being built. Belmont is once again selling homes. Their golf course is used by many golfers. All of these things were started under the leadership of our last city managers, their staff, Nash and Edgecombe counties working together for a brighter future for the area. 

Why are the salaries of those who have taken the place of those who have been pushed out or demoted been increased so much? We need better accountability. Where does the buck stop? Who is responsible? Someone has dropped the ball. Someone needs to follow the money.

Emily Henderson

Rocky Mount