Letter to the Editor: For the love of dictators


Sunday, February 10, 2019

Americans should be worried about a man who caters to racists and kowtows to Putin and Russian operatives.

At one time, Reagan was the darling of the Republican Party. Now his name is hardly or ever mentioned. Why was this president allowed to meet with a hostile government without any cabinet representatives present? Just imagine the backlash from Senate Republicans and Right Wing Television had a Democratic president attempted this. Another thing is, if Trump is going to take directions from Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, why not just dispose of your cabinet?

He claims to hire the best people. When they are not lockstep with him in lying to the American people, he criticizes them. The Intel Groups are sick and tired of being disavowed by this seemingly compromised president. I for one am glad to see someone in his cabinet with a backbone. If it was up to Trump, we would all have to learn Russian. Trump has too much information on America's secrets to be left alone with a KGB agent.

The thought of Trump undermining everything that America stood for is a cause to worry. Remember those who fought and died for this country should be outraged at a Donald Trump. His Intelligence chiefs continue to tell him that Russia interfered in our presidential election, and he'd rather take the word of an ex-KGB Agent that Russia didn't. This president or lack thereof should worry us as a nation. Russia is still a threat.

The phrase, "You can't see the forest for the trees" rings clear with Trump followers. How many lies must this president tellbefore his base realize that he's dangerous? Trump acts as if Putin is a long-lost family member the way he kisses up to him. Putin is still a dangerous advisory, and going forward, Trump should not be left alone with him, under no circumstances. Telling blatant lies about foreign policy does not make one a great leader.

Sadly, for two years Congress sat idly by as this president broke all protocol and rules of engagement when dealing with a hostile government. Putin has Trump over a barrel, and this president needs to be removed before it's too late. In closing, there's no threat assessment coming from our southern border. But guess who's going to pay for the wall, border security, etc. You are. Riddle me this, if E-Verify has been around for years, why is the Trump Foundation hiring undocumented workers? He campaigned on how bad these people are.

Dallas Ford

Rocky Mount