Letter to the Editor: Event Center a waste of money


Saturday, February 2, 2019

I am writing regarding the Event Center. I was invited to attend an event there and I was very disappointed. I have a handicap and whoever was responsible for the design evidently knows nothing about having a handicap.

First: The parking is located at the back of the building, you have to enter at the front.

Second: There should be a ramp all the way around. Anyone on a walker, cane, wheelchair or with breathing problems will have a difficult time getting to the front.

Third: The lighting is awful. There are not enough lights on the left side of the building. There are definitely not enough lights in the parking lot, even where the handicap parking spaces are.

This building was a big waste of money. We already have a great sports complex. We also have the very nice Dunn Center. Where it was built also makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Joyce Bottoms

Rocky Mount