Letter to the Editor: Abortion should unite, not divide, us


Sunday, January 20, 2019

Abortion is one of those issues that divides us into our respective corners along with like-minded folks on the political spectrum, glaring at those who dare to hold a different view.

I, for one, am an avid “pro-lifer” and unapologetically so. With that being said, my foot has never touched the inside of a woman’s shoe who has been faced this terrible decision. Can we not find it within ourselves to come out of the shadows and meet in the middle on tough topics such as this? Where did we lose this thread that is so essential to our nation’s fabric? Enough with the hate rhetoric, let’s talk!

Any of us would gladly risk our own lives to run into a burning building to save a child. Millions were slaughtered in our nation last year by abortion. Who among us will stand up to defend them? Shall it be the ones that claim “rights” and “justice” for the oppressed of this world, while conveniently turning a blind eye to the rights of the unborn?

Some may say, you are a man. What right do you have speaking about this topic? I would respectfully respond, does a mother or father stop to ask the sex of the lifeguard before they dive in to save their child’s life? Of course not! All that concerns them is the life of the child, and this is also what unites all the caring bystanders standing on the beach. In the same sense, protecting the unborn should unite us all and never be a source of division.

My question to my fellow citizens is this: Is the life of a child any more valuable after birth than it is in the womb? I would contend that young children have more capacity to defend themselves than the unborn do. So why do we refuse to go to the ends of the earth to protect such an innocent life, just as we would if that same child was screaming for our assistance from a kidnapper?

If we all mourn together for young lives that are lost way too soon, as we should, then how do we choose to ignore those murdered in the womb? Perhaps it’s because their faces aren’t seen, and their voices aren’t heard ... but I assure you that they are seen and heard by their Creator, and now they will rest safely in His arms forever.

Matt Kannan

Sandy Cross