Letter to the Editor: Strandberg will be missed


Saturday, January 19, 2019

We lost a good one last week.

Betsy B. Strandberg was a pioneer. She was president of this, and the chairman of that — and she was the first woman to hold those positions. She was a strong person, and she had exceptional leadership skills. Betsy was capable of almost any task, she could be tough, and she could be tender. She didn’t suffer fools, and she knew how to get the job done. She had the ability to understand the problem and to solve it without fanfare or attention.

Yes, she was the first woman to assume major leadership roles in our town; but she was no token! Betsy was as talented as any man — more so than a lot. She went about her responsibilities without taking, or giving, any quarter. She was genuine, and you always knew where you stood with her. She was not a phony, nor a hypocrite. She just told the truth.

They just don’t make’um like her anymore. We surely will miss Betsy Strandberg.

Thomas A. Betts

Rocky Mount