Letter to the Editor: Labels, genocide far-fetched


Sunday, January 13, 2019

Kim E. Koo apparently does not like labels and somehow amazingly believes that the news media is slanted to the right, accusing them of using certain buzzwords such as “left” or “liberal” to incite their readers to adverse reactions against income redistribution for the purpose of providing free health care and college for everyone.

Ms. Koo argues that this is our obligation and simply constitutes compassionate caring for humanity and shouldn’t be labeled “socialism” or “communism.”

She argues for providing these advantages to everyone, but as with most liberals, she would do so without any meaningful consideration of the immense cost, estimated to be $32 trillion over 10 years for Medicare alone, not to mention the expense of free college for all. The only way to possibly provide the funds necessary to achieve all this would be borrow until we are completely bankrupt or to raise the tax rate prohibitively, which could eliminate a great deal of the incentive for the rest of us to earn anything at all.

It always astounds me that liberals regularly propose utopian benefits but could care less about the mechanisms by which they might be achieved. I suppose their primary mechanism for implementing all this government largesse would have to be socialism, rendering us all equally poor like the governments in Venezuela and Greece have done to their citizens, and I guess that would finally achieve their dream of true equality for everyone. No thanks.

As for Ms. Koo’s declarations about us being a criminal nation that is governing under a system that would require the genocide of half of humanity, I hardly know how to respond except to state without any equivocation that the United States has been primarily responsible for the freedom of more people in this world than all the rest of the nations combined.

Ask the French and English after two world wars, ask the Chinese after World War II, ask the people of the Philippines or the people of South Korea, ask the Kuwaitis, Iraqis and Afghanis. As a matter of fact, ask any honest person with reasonable intelligence what they think would have happened if the United States had not gotten involved in World War II. This country has probably saved half of humanity instead of deviously planning to kill it off, and all at the tremendous cost of our own citizens’ lives.

Paul Duffy

Rocky Mount