Letter to the Editor: Return to God-assigned roles


Thursday, January 10, 2019

Though this commentary will set off many of my female friends, to understand it will require deeper thought than we are accustomed to giving.

The entry of the female into fuller participation in the governing process was the real beginning of political instability in our republic.

Heavenly Father instilled in the female the instincts to “train and nurture.” In man, came the instincts to “protect and provide.” While there is no constitutional provision for the federal government to engage in the various parts of the welfare state, women, by their nature, use their political roles to train (education) and nurture (welfare and health care).

Since the expanded role of women in government, our spending for these programs that should have been reserved to the states and people thereof have expanded to unbelievable size. Hence, the national debt and annual budget imbalance is crippling this nation.

Women are not the sole cause but they constitute the great majority of what we describe as liberalism and progressivism. Beginning with woman’s suffrage in Wyoming, a close study of both state and federal budget growth will make a strong case for the above comments.

So, what’s the Southern solution? We need to understand the proper role and limits on federal power and both men and women need to gravitate back to their God-assigned roles. Broken marriages, broken homes have led to broken government.

Additional information and dialogue available on request.

Southern to the bone,

Mike Armstrong

Rocky Mount