Letter to the Editor: Media culpable for lies


Wednesday, January 9, 2019

It is very annoying that the media makes judgmental remarks like left or liberal, or calling youth of color "thugs" in their reporting.

And certain buzzwords are always associated with knee jerk reactions. One automatically becomes a socialist or a communist for advocating for the good of the majority. Why is wanting better health care for all, or quality education for all the kids or greater equality and fighting injustices so bad? It is a sick mind that cannot accept being compassionate or caring that is inclusive.

One needs to have a very twisted sense of what is right or wrong when knowing about the recent unjust wars that have been raging in other parts of the world and say or do nothing. Using the pretext of preventive strikes, the U.S. has encroached on foreign sovereignties with an impunity that if carried out by some other country would have qualified for being war crimes.

The media is culpable in spreading falsehoods and slanting facts to mold public opinions to hide heinous crimes committed by our government on other nations. Imaginary weapons of mass destruction in Iraq or the false testimony of the daughter of a Kuwaiti diplomat on how Iraqi soldiers kill newborn babies were such excuses used to invade another country and inflict massive destruction to life and property. The fact that we as a people were not out there protesting en masse at this atrocity is telling.

To the international community, Americans are unfeeling, smug, immoral and arrogant. Because there is no reported protest for the actions of our government by the media, even those of us who disagree and have protested them bear the same responsibility. Another irresponsible action is the continued printing of divisive and hateful opinions on the pretext of being "all-sided."

There is a saying that what goes around comes around. Any ill-will against others will come home to haunt us and inflict the same injury to us at home. This is already quite evident in the perpetual gun violence, massive drug addictions, the breakdown of communities and the violent weather reactions. Unfortunately, most of the damage is always inflicted on poor communities and those of color.

A system that requires the genocide of half of humanity in order to survive is a failed system, a system in dire crisis. It is up to all of us to do something about it.

Dr. Kim E. Koo

Rocky Mount