Letter to the Editor: Wall will save lives


Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Democrats and misinformed pundits who write to this forum that a wall will not work on the southern border are wrong on this issue. Dead Wrong.

An outstanding legal immigrant police officer was murdered by a low life illegal gang banger in California a couple of weeks ago, adding another senseless death to the 30,000 citizens that have been killed by illegal immigrants since 2001.

The idiot liberal politicians and their idiot policies of sanctuary cities directly led to the murder of Corporal Singh in Newman, California. This illegal scumbag had prior convictions, was not "living in the shadows” and should have been deported. Liberals were all up in arms when two children already sick died entering the country illegally, but expressed no empathy for the slain officers wife and father of their 5-month-old child.

The notion that walls don't work is a fallacy. What more cost effective measure would you use, Mr. Washington, to keep out illegal immigrants?

All you need to do is look at the numbers from the border fence/wall that Israel has with Egypt. The Sinai fence reduced illegal immigrants entering Israel by over 99 percent. In 2011, 16,000 were illegally coming across the border from Egypt, and after the fence went up, that figure dropped to a mere 43.Terrorist attacks dropped by over 90 percent.

Since 1972, the government has built over 3,000 miles of "sound walls" along highways to "protect" homeowners from traffic sounds at a cost of $6 billion. If the government can spend $6 billion to protect homeowners from traffic noise, why can't it spend $5 billion to protect our lives?

Whereas Obama has around-the-clock Secret Service protection, and walls don't work, why were my tax dollars wasted by putting up an 8 foot wall around his residence in D.C.? And if walls are immoral, as Pelosi has claimed, then the Pope is living in sin, considering he lives behind a 30-foot wall at the Vatican.

I get so tired of the pathetic cycle of hypocrisy I hear everyday from the left. Schumer, Obama, Pelosi and Clinton all came out against illegal immigration and for building a barrier along our southern border. It was a good thing for the country when they said it, but a bad thing for the country when Trump said it.

At least the Democrats are consistent as they continue to adhere to their core principles of hypocrisy, double standards and now a bad case of amnesia.

Perry LaGrange

Rocky Mount