Letter to the Editor: Border needs more than just a wall


Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The president calling for a wall is showing how ignorant and narrow minded he and his supporters of this wall are.

He uses drug dealers and terrorists entering this country as a scare tactic for the wall. It is an assinine idea to think a wall could deter these kind of people. As far as keeping illegals out, a more cost-effective method can be used. But the first step to remedy this problem is for Congress to get off their complacent duffs and fix the immigration laws.

First, it will not deter drug dealers from bringing drugs into the country. Drug dealers have the finances to use planes and boats to accomplish this. The areas where we have existing walls, drug dealers use tunnels to avert these obstacles. The stating that terrorists have been caught using the southern border is a blatant lie. There has been no report of this being true. I can not understand how anyone can take this man’s word on anything when we know he is a prolific iiar.

I have heard one congressman who suggested using new technologies for protecting the border. This seems to make more sense than building an ugly wall. It would be cheaper and more effective and can deter anyone, be they a terrorist, drug dealer or illegal alien.

Merrill Washington

Rocky Mount