Letter to the Editor: Time to change a failing system


Friday, December 28, 2018

With all the recent complaints of not enough resources for needed social services, one would expect the government to keep better accounting of its spending.

I was thus flabbergasted to read that there is a massive accounting fraud in the Pentagon to the sum of trillions of dollars. The accounting irregularities have apparently been ongoing for many years.

Last November, when private firms were hired to audit the Pentagon, they announced that they could not finish the job because the past and present bookkeeping deficiencies, discrepancies and errors accumulated over time made this audit an impossible job. Yet, the federal government promises to give more money to the Department of Defense in their next budget. Where is the logic in that?

Another issue that defies reason is that while workers are unable to obtain living wages, and unemployment is the lot of many, CEOs are paid in millions and even more on retirement. Those in power are obviously grabbing as much as possible while they still can. If this is not theft, corruption, graft, what is? In my mind, no job is worth millions.

Meanwhile the term “limited resources” is constantly being used as an excuse to either cut or underfund public education, health care, food stamps, housing, hurricane recovery and other public services and social needs. More and more people are suffering, worse now with the continued weather-related catastrophes.

Many believe electing the “right” people will solve the problem. How can that be when first, there is a significant curtailment of democratic rights, and second, the electoral machine itself is rigged to cater to the wealthy as offices are won by pumping massive sums in campaigning. The complexity and volume of the rules and regulations of governance are used very successfully to confine and contain real freedoms and real equality. Past laws somewhat favorable to poorer people could be overturned, making a mockery of the suffering and sacrifices to enact them.

If the system no longer works for the majority of humanity, then it is our obligation as responsible social beings to change it. We must do this collectively, and on a global scale, with the rest of the world’s people. We can only be free if others are, too — especially those who have been trampled and suffered the worst excesses inflicted by representatives of the current system and their coercive machinery.

Dr. Kim E. Koo

Rocky Mount