Letter to the Editor: Litter too abundant in city


Wednesday, December 19, 2018

We have lived here over one year and have found that the litter in and by the roads, in the parking lots, thrown in my front yard, in parks and lying in the gutters throughout the city of Rocky Mount is abundant.

We wonder what causes people to discard their litter as if they are not responsible or are unaware. We grew up in a time of litter consciousness, brought to light by Lady Bird Johnson through her campaign against litter while serving as first lady. Her slogans were “Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute” and “Don’t be a Litterbug.”

Are our children and grandchildren not being taught these important concepts to protect our earth? We are teaching recycling but ignoring all the trash that is not placed in recycling. Are our litter laws here being enforced? It would make quite a difference for our city if tourists coming here saw clean streets, yards, parks and parking lots.

Why don’t we start a new campaign in 2019 to “Make Our City Shine.” Do your part as citizens, as you make our city shine.

Ernest and Diane Pugh

Rocky Mount