If you don't promote transparency, then don't run for office


Sunday, December 16, 2018

I knew Trump was bad for America when he first hit the campaign trail. Like all good wannabe Dictators, Trump blamed immigrants for all the ill wills of the nation. Somehow overlooking that his family migrated from Germany. Then he blames the Media for promoting truth to power. Trump's “House of Cards” is about to collapse, and all those once reputable people, have soiled their reputations backing this corrupt administration.

During the campaign for president, all the Republican candidates seemed to use the same word in describing Donald Trump, “Con Man.” But they all put party over country except maybe two. The rest were lock step in supporting Donald Trump, showing true loyalty to this corrupt administration. I guess their main concern was being re-elected, because they are now the party of Trump. Trump refused to show his taxes, he refused to give up his businesses, and he placed family members in key positions. Trump used the term advisors to justify family members in the White House. And claimed he would not accept pay. But who needs pay when you are using the White House to sanction business deals for you and your family.

The gullible in our nation had better start watching other news organizations, if they want the truth. No one knows the extent of the damage to our national security that this corrupt president has caused. Do we as Americans need a president who is a pathological liar?

It seems that every time this president opens his mouth, the lies are set free. Trump's tax plan has already imploded the deficit. But he will somewhere blame the democrats.

None of us should feel comfortable knowing that the nuclear codes have been entrusted to an incompetent, who has been compromised by a hostile government. Trump didn't praise Putin because he wanted to, he praised Putin because he had to. Plus Trump's lack or regard towards Puerto Rico, clearly shows he is not ready for this office. I suggest Trump followers start chanting “Lock Them Up” and I'm sure Mueller will be obliged.

Dallas E. Ford

Rocky Mount