Letter to the Editor: Good news for conservatives


Friday, December 7, 2018

I love good news:

Three environmental groups were contesting a ruling from a federal judge saying that the Trump administration had authority to override environmental laws in order to build our border wall. The good news is the U.S. Supreme Court would not take up the appeal from the environmental groups seeking to shut down the construction.

Protests in France that began over President Emmanuel Macron's announced gas tax increase have escalated into costly, sometimes deadly riots, with no clear end in sight, according to NPR.

What the news is not telling you is the gas tax was to increase in order to support the global warming/climate change agenda. Hard working Americans are not the only ones fed up with the elites confiscating our money to fund a global scam. Good for the yellow jackets in France for standing up to an over-bearing government.

The Young American’s Foundation won a major free speech victory over the University of California-Berkeley. After the university’s loss, it must pay the organization $70,000 and cancel the policies that discriminate against conservative speakers on campus. UC-Berkeley can no longer treat conservative students as second-class students; they must adhere to the First Amendment. The university cannot send conservative speakers to remote and inconvenient lecture halls while giving liberal speakers the preferred locations. Berkeley can no longer charge conservative students absorbent fees (three times what they charge liberal students) for security at their events.

Hats off to the YAF and all Americans who stand up for our God given right of free speech and the First Amendment to our Constitution!

Judicial Watch is devoted to uncovering the corruption in Washington and the raping of American taxpayers through taxation and federal agencies. Time and time again that organization sues for federal records that the State Department, the Department of Justice and the FBI are extremely reluctant to hand over. All these Congress appointed agencies are full of Deep State activists and they stand firmly against transparency.

By suing for documents, Judicial Watch has found multi-billion dollar George Soros’ organizations are receiving American taxpayer dollars to fund his agenda, global take over, all over the world. To read the documents go to:


A contribution to Judicial Watch will help them in their pursuit of what really goes on behind closed doors in Washington.

Julia Manning

Spring Hope