Letter to the Editor: Denying reality doesn't change it


Monday, September 24, 2018

When I am interested in a topic, I try to read the source and not the interpretations. Therefore, I give very little credence to detractors who interpreted Marx. Anyone can do that. They are a dime a dozen. My challenge to people who said they want to know more about socialism is to go to the source, read Karl Marx. Than we can have a conversation.

There are many in the ruling class and pro-capitalist economists who vilify Marx and pronounce that socialism is dead, only to see the specter appear again and again and again. Folks can wonder why, and the only answer I have is that because none of them is able to propose a more viable and sustainable alternative to this current dehumanizing and planet-destroying capitalist system. This is the reality we face now.

Another example are the naysayers to climate change even when massive hurricanes and other destructive weather events are battering our globe. There is no denying the increased intensities of these negative weather patterns and the closer occurrences that do not allow us to recover sufficiently before the next one hits. The point is that you can still cling to a belief that does not correspond to reality if you chose, but that is not going stop the reality from happening. So, you can stick your head in the sand or close your eyes and ears. However, more and more people will come round simply because admitting the reality of a situation allows one to begin to deal with it.

Many of the people who cling to particular beliefs generally benefit from such beliefs, whether they are more profits, privileges or power. Thus it becomes impossible for them to give up these benefits even if they resulted in increased suffering for billions of people. The question is: Are you one of them? Is that why you are so adamant about denying the way forward?

The current situation in our country and the world requires some very honest soul-searching. We have to unlearn or reject "acceptable" norms and what has been taught to get out of the negative rut. It is much easier to do that with a group of like-minded people who also are trying to find the correct path.

Together, we can learn, struggle and change, in thinking and in practice. And make positive history.

Dr. Kim E. Koo

Rocky Mount