Letter to the Editor: Climate change part of God's plan


Saturday, September 22, 2018

A recent opinion letter started out about our current president being in favor of wealthy Republican donors but wound up being about climate change.

Before I go into climate change I must state that Democrats who have served as president and as members of Congress have catered to their wealthy donors and labor unions more that Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump was not bought by members of the Republican Party as the Democratic Party members have been.

Is there climate change? Yes. Does mankind control climate change? No. Climate change is controlled by the Creator of this beautiful earth. No matter what you wish to do about your perceived idea of climate change, you as an individual do not have control over it. Only the Creator does.

What we as individuals have control over is just how much we pollute the earth. God gave us this earth to live on. God also gave us the various things upon the earth and within the earth to use for our benefit. How we use those items is up us. We should be using the things that God provided for us in such a manner as to limit our contamination of the earth. We should never stop using what God has provided but improve our methods of use in using these items.

Many individuals worry about the extinction of various species here upon this earth. Extinction is not something that we should be worrying about. God has replaced every animal with another animal, every plant with another plant and every flower with another flower that is much more beautiful. Extinction is just God’s way of providing an opportunity for different plants and animals that will be of more use to mankind.

God created the earth for mankind’s use, not to be gobbled up by a government to prevent the resources of the land from being used by mankind. The American Antiquities Act of 1906 has been abused by several different presidents. President Trump is correcting the abuse by returning the land created by God for the people’s use back to the people. President Obama used the American Antiquities Act to confiscate over 550 million acres of land for monuments, more than any other president has confiscated. The U.S. government owns the majority of the land in Nevada, Oregon and Utah, less than 50 percent is owned by the citizens of these states.

It is time to return the land to the people for their use.

Ray Shamlin

Rocky Mount