Letter to the Editor: Trump economic polices succeeding


Friday, September 21, 2018

According to the Labor Department, employers created 37,000 new manufacturing jobs in July, the strongest gain since December and the third straight month in which factory job growth accelerated.

The trend has been firm for the past year and a half. The 327,000 new manufacturing jobs over the last year represent the best 12-month stretch in 23 years.

Manufacturing jobs give our lower income earners and former welfare recipients a boost. We have folks training to do these new jobs that can provide them with a decent wage, dignity and hope.

The Labor Department reported: From August 2017 to August 2018, average hourly earnings for all employees on private nonfarm payrolls increased 2.9 percent. Private nonfarm payroll employment increased by 1.9 percent. Employment in professional and business services rose 2.5 percent, while construction increased by 4.3 percent.

Americans are pretty confident in the economy that is near an 18-year high.

Worker pay and benefits are climbing at the fastest pace in 10 years.

If we want these numbers to continue to climb, we have to keep the same policies in place that have been in place for the last year and a half.

President Trump turned our economy around by cutting regulation and taxes on our businesses. They now have confidence they can turn a profit and are willing to invest in new jobs, higher wages and benefits.

Under President Trump’s policies, 3.8 million jobs were added in 2017 and 2018. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

President Trump has kept most of his promises but has failed on the border wall. The swamp in Congress is refusing to fund the wall thinking the past trend will continue and the Democrats will regain control of Congress in November.

If that happens, not only will the wall not be built, we will have open borders and you will see wages driven down.

The swamp will be governing to please Wall Street, the Koch brothers, The Business Round Table and the Chamber of Commerce, not the American people.

The minorities that are American citizens will find themselves back on welfare and food stamps under the clutches of the government. They will not be a free moral agent with a job, dignity and hope of advancing to the middle and upper class.

We need to take the November elections seriously; we need to back House representatives and senators that will support President Trump’s agenda, MAGA!

Julia Manning

Spring Hope