Letter to the Editor: DIctators, not presidents, are corrupt


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

When you don't broaden your mind and believe anything that's put before you, it creates chaos.

I can't believe after seeing all the corruption associated with this administration that Trump supporters are still shouting, "Lock her up". With these people, Trump could probably shoot someone and not lose one voter. If Congress continues to put party over country, bad times are coming. Any man who would fire an FBI agent a couple of days from retirement, is no man, but a demon.

My concern is that if Trump is found not to be the legitimate president, then what? Everything he did in rolling back the EPA regulations to appointing justices should become null and void. I kept saying there is no way in Hades that this buffoon should be president of these United States. We were told not to believe the polls, and that Trump had pulled off one of the greatest upsets in history. I knew something was amiss, and it was just a matter of time before the truth be told.

By Trump being president, he more than likely found out that his campaign is being investigated. This is why Trump started accusing the media, the FBI, CIA, DIA, NSA and other intelligence agencies of being on a witch hunt against him. Trump has admitted several times that his campaign colluded with the Russians. Then he turns around and says "No Collusion." But Trump's problem is not collusion, it’s conspiracy, and it's written all over his face.  

I believe the government has been waiting a long time to investigate the corrupt Trump organization. Trump thinking he could run the country like he did his business has proven to be a blunder. You can't keep shouting "Fake News" and "Witch Hunt" when so many of your associates/campaign workers are being indicted.

As a veteran, what this "so-called" president did to another prominent veteran was distasteful and disgraceful. Yet he claims professional athletes are disrespecting veterans and the flag during their silent protest. These protesters have earned the right to protest. Their fathers and grandfathers fought in wars whether they wanted to or not. And they are protesting the shootings of unarmed American citizens. America deserves better than this. Those who now suffer from voters' remorse will have a chance to redeem themselves. John McCain may not be one of my favorite people, but at least he fought for what he believed in.

Dallas Ford

Rocky Mount