Letter to the Editor: Personal freedoms most important


Thursday, September 13, 2018

“Capitalism Leads To Ruin.” What a sight those words are, huh?

Rocky Mount’s Kim Eng Koo wrote them in an attempt to offer socialism as a better alternative to capitalism. There were more words written below the title but they comprised a tired and debunked fantasy. A fantasy that some people dream of but none care to personally try for themselves.

The author suggested that “if one is seriously interested” some research should be undertaken to learn the “real” meaning of socialism. I took the author’s suggestion and did some reading. Although, to be honest, it would be much more powerful if the author regaled us with tales of living in a utopian socialist society — of which there are none. I wonder when that letter will be submitted?

“The current capitalist system is no longer sustainable.” Recent developments with two large retailers would seem to debunk that statement entirely. Seems corporate entities realize that kneeling during our national anthem might be profitable. A calculated effort to market Nike products to their largest customer base (Millennials) seems to be seriously capitalistic. Not a socially conscious business move anywhere near that decision.

“Any system change is going to be accompanied by massive upheavals, setbacks and violence, as history has shown. It is the responsibility of humans as conscious beings to act as agents for positive social changes, as has been the case over our history.” Read that again. The only thing I could take away from this gem: Be ready for violence but be nice about it. Not a glowing recommendation for socialism.

“Since there are no blueprints, and initial attempts at socialism have faced setbacks, we need to seek different ways than those in the past of achieving positive ends using lessons learned from previous failures.” USSR, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela and China — each an example of how socialism and failure are intertwined. The author mentions there is more to socialism than a few welfare programs. I suggest proof be presented to back up that outlandish statement.

James R. Otteson, of Wake Forest University, in his book ‘The End of Socialism’, states, “Living free is uncertain and sometimes dangerous and it involves both success and failure.” Socialism includes one pervasive desire — control. Socialism removes dignity from the individual and replaces it with subordination.

Good luck selling that unwrapped fish!

Wayland G. Abernathy Jr.