Letter to the Editor: Facts align against Trump


Thursday, July 19, 2018

Here’s a few facts versus make believe.

After the 2016 presidential election, we had the following results: In Nash County, 23,319 for Trump, 23,235 for Clinton. In Wilson County, 19,663 for Clinton, 17,531 for Trump. In Edgecombe County, 16,224 for Clinton, 8,621 for Trump. Far from right leaning.

Yet the Telegram has about five right-wing nut jobs who post routinely, spouting non-validated dogma. The queen of made up nonsense is Propaganda Patty from Spring Hope. Her best was no gun control on AK 47s — you never know when you may encounter a pack of wolves. She and another writer leap-frog each other defending their vote for Trump's illusionary success.

I wish to list a few of Trump’s triumphs so far:

1 — Year to date, 154 mass shootings. Make America Safe Again? Not.

2 — National debt highest since World War II. Real business guy in charge? Not.

3 — Babies in cages.

4 — Not only is he the first to meet with Kim Jung-un, he is the only president dumb enough to do so.

5 — Warned Russia of an impending air strike. Makes Benghazi all the more foolish of an outrage.

6 — Twenty indictments, six guilty pleas, personal lawyer in jail, campaign manager under review.

7 — Tax cut that gives more money to the rich. Where are all those great bonus checks we were told about?

8 — One very important success. To date, has not screwed up Obama's seven-year recovery.

9 — Stock market exploded last year, but whose to say it would not have increased under Hillary.

10 — John Bolton, Scott Pruitt, Larry Kudlow, the Mooch and on and on — is this your idea of the best and brightest America has?

We need smart people to get involved. It’s time to put this loud-mouthed bunch of radicals into the background again.

Chuck Joyner

Rocky Mount