Letter to the Editor: Swamp is rising in Rocky Mount


Friday, June 15, 2018

Once again, the Community Council is offering Rocky Mount residents some critical and eye opening information. Nothing is more revealing of the arrogance, greed and cronyism displayed in the proposed additions to the city's expanding bureaucracy.

First, are these changes needed? A third assistant city manager, an IT Department and monies for other assorted items. Unnecessary additions for a city of declining population and an already overtaxed population challenges fiduciary responsibility.

And, a closer look at these costs would suggest no council regard for area incomes. Six figure incomes in the Rocky Mount area for public sector bureaucrats borders on criminal activity. Compare these figures with the salaries of teachers, firemen, policemen and other city employees. We are addicted to the certification racket for public supervisors, allowing their salaries to reach astronomical levels.

These unwise moves will necessitate more tax and fee increases until there is no one left in the city. Then the city will rely on "grants," with the expected matching fund mandates and strings attached.

Can this idiocy be stopped? I really doubt it. Self-serving and misguided officials are following the groundswell of support of that group so accustomed to receiving public dole that they would never oppose the system. If it wasn't for age and infirmity, Rocky Mount would already be a memory.

Maybe the Community Council can identify a local version of President Trump to drain this swamp. Miracles do happen.

Mike Armstrong

Rocky Mount