Letter to the Editor: Take off the blinders


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

I grew up in a time when we used horses and mules to plow our fields and gardens. We needed our horses and mules to only go in the direction needed to plow in the fields and gardens. To accomplish a single direction, we put bridles with blinders on these beautiful animals.

Today, it appears that many of our citizens have put blinders on themselves. There are so many citizens that have locked themselves into hatred as a point of view. In addition to our citizens being locked into a single ideological point of view. Our school children; be it in K-12, at the college level or at the university level, are being guided into this same point of view as well.

Rather than seeing the good things that our current president is accomplishing, they are only seeing what they perceive to be the bad things. Many articles and letters published about our current president contain a single point of view and spew vile hatred and lies about him. As a citizen who has defended this nation in my younger years, it pains me to read the damaging things that those with a single point of view are saying and doing to a nation that I love so much.

Our current president is returning the USA back into a nation that we can be proud of, not a nation to be disrespected as was the case during the prior president’s tenure. Quickly after taking office, the former president went on a world apology tour. Our current president’s tours have been to regain the respect that we lost during the previous administration.

In addition to gaining respect throughout the world for the United States, our current president has rejuvenated the economy and many of the citizens within the economy. Our current president’s policies have caused the unemployment level to reach historic low levels for many of the citizens. The removal of many job and business killing regulations have caused businesses to become very optimistic about their future.

There are different ideological points of view in our nation. These ideological points of view add value to our education and knowledge base. To avail ourselves of the additional education and knowledge, we must be open to differing points of view and not blinded by hatred with a single point of view.

Ray Shamlin

Rocky Mount