Letter to the Editor: Trump is a master of distraction


Sunday, May 20, 2018

It seems like there has been a push lately to distract people from two essential things where the vast majority of people favor another path.

It no longer makes us wonder why religious mentors, pastors, leaders don’t mention the lying of our current president. Now well into the sixteenth month, we know he is a Fox News follower. A misogynist of the worst kind who threatens or pays off women outside his marital boundaries and someone who claims to know a good deal. Yet he never paid 2,056 people because of his six bankruptcies. Actually, not people — but contract names as some relied on his payments for payroll to workers.

Trump failed civics and took office not knowing the three equal branches of our system, purposely designed to keep check on chaotic trends and liars. We don't hear of the evangelists or pros speaking out against the bully, the vulgar, racist supremist and those few other 'endearments' his staff witnessed in his behavior over the past nine months, most who are gone now. By using distractions, Trump hopes we take our eyes off the ball.

Each day he feels pressure on some cruel or crude step he has taken or lie(s) he has published or spoken. Fact-checkers pounce on his claims and misleadings, so he creates a distracting playing field to assuage his friends. Muddle the puddle. Create his own swamp — especially with Cohen "the fixer" from Godfather scripts. Not a lawyer — a fake one, a manager/ collector of slush monies. Outpayer, threatener, loyalist — but soon, squealer, talker and bankruptee of his own makings. The things we pay little attention to seem always to be with us.

Trump is up to 2,027 bonafide lies — all checked as lies. Not one cleric speaks on this? Is he the model for our kids ?

Bob Plesha

Elm City