Letter to the Editor: Mayor-elect not above the law


Friday, May 18, 2018

Suspicion in Sharpsburg about Mayor-elect Robert Williams driving while drunk is not a suspicion when Mayor Williams’ blood check was 0.13.

Also, why did he resist the officer who was doing his job when he placed Mayor Williams under arrest for DWI? Being an elected mayor of Sharpsburg  does not give him the right to drive drunk. This is not injustice. This is the law that applies to all who get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

If Mayor-elect Williams, who served his country in the military and also currently serves as a deacon at the Ebenezer Baptist Church as said by the Rev. Dr. Thomas L. Walker, then Mayor-elect Robert Williams should have known better than to get behind the wheel of his motor vehicle. No one in public office should be above the laws of our country.

Frank "D” Conover

Rocky Mount