Letter to the Editor: Madman must be stopped


Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Trump has turned America on its ear. This man has gotten people who claimed to be of high morals lying through their teeth.

It seems that once God-fearing people no longer fear God. I was also told this during a morning service. Trump has shamelessly lied, and his vice president, his press secretary and cabinet lie like its a seventh sense. The corruption among this administration is shaping up to be the worst of all time.

This president who claimed to be self funding and criticized others who accepted large donations from donors, he himself accepted big campaign donations. This led Trump to give huge tax breaks to millionaire donors while lying to the American people saying he is helping the middle class. This also led to him moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem.

You Trump working class supporters just look at the tax break his rich donars got compared to your 20 or 40 dollars. If you don't believe me, look it up. Don't give me the old cop out of not believing the liberal media — Google it. Trump repeatedly claimed the tax break would not benefit him, this is lie number ... forgive me, I lost count.

Thanks to Trump reneging on the Iran Deal, in which he believed Israeli intelligence over his own agencies, bad times are a coming. Iran violated no agreements. Once Israel and Iran go to war, I don't see the U.S. sitting idly by. John Bolten is licking his chops, and the Middle East is once again in a state of unrest. Those who never experienced the perils of war are quick to commit to it.

Mueller or Congress must stop this madman, or this country's standing in the world is headed for Third-World corruption and possible conflict. Forget the current Congress.

Dallas E. Ford

Rocky Mount