Letter to the Editor: Win the war with ballots


Thursday, April 26, 2018

Let’s face it. We are in a civil war.

It is a war of ideas, values, principles and yes, politics.

Under our Constitution, we fight our wars with ballots, not bullets.

In the upcoming election, it seems the nation is divided almost equally between the conservatives and liberals. It is the conservatives who try to uphold the standards set for us in the Constitution (equal justice under law) and the liberals who seem to want to adopt the socialist principles of many European nations.

Admittedly today, conservatives are not perfect, for all sin and come short. But President Trump is the one elected to lead the battle for the preservation of this nation under God — indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. We all honor the office and the one while he occupies it. It is our duty as citizens.

Let’s keep this civil war civil. Let’s s inform ourselves of both sides of a question. Let’s dig out information on judges. Let us get the sample ballot to learn who the candidates are. The newspaper can print this in a timely manner. The local Board of Elections gives them out.

Early voting for the primaries has begun and the candidates who will be on the ballots in November are now being chosen. Let us attend town meetings to meet the candidates on both sides. Let us act like responsible citizens who care about the future of our nation and understand our civic duty.

President Reagan said we can lose our liberties in one generation if we do not exercise our civic duties and educate our children to theirs. That’s scary, but true. Think about it. 

Many citizens, even now, are uninformed and indifferent as to their rights and responsibilities. Many have opted out of their civic responsibility because they do not understand their part in it. Every registered citizen has a part in this war, whether he knows it or not, whether he likes it or not, whether he chooses it or not. Each registered voter must go to the polls, obtain a ballot and use it carefully, thoughtfully and knowledgeably.

We must use our ballots as if the entire outcome of the election depends on this one vote.

Because it does.

Janice Gravely

Rocky Mount