Letter to the Editor: Trump is like a crime boss


Saturday, April 21, 2018

As long as Trump supporters keep their heads buried in the sand, the more Trump feels he can get away with his unlawful acts.

Trump said it himself, "I can walk down 5th Avenue, and shoot someone, and I wouldn't lose any voters." Not your loyal base Trump, but you have now angered the FBI, the intelligence agencies, the DOJ and of course most of the American people. Though Mueller is a Republican, he seems to be a man of integrity. I say this because Trump has to invent derogatory things to accuse this man of. Trump, your followers are all for locking up the unjust. Next time you are at a rally, just change the her to me.

What Comey did during a presidential election was indeed a mistake. I think he may have swayed voters, and he was met with praise from Trump and his team. As long as he was talking about the Clintons he was fine. But as soon as Comey wouldn't become Trump's personal pawn, Trump fired him and started to denigrate the FBI.

Trump vowed that his administration would be all for "law and order." Now he's doing something we never thought a "so-called" Republican would do. Trump is comparing the FBI to the Gestapo during Nazi Germany. Trump wants to be like Putin, and I've said it before. He tries to classify the fact-finding news as illegitimate. He humiliates his appointees that are not loyal. He carries a grudge, just ask Govs. Romney and Christie.

Those without a one-track mind find it very suspicious that Trump’s campaign personnel, when being vetted, always come down with amnesia when visiting and meeting with Russians is asked about. If this president was a decent human being, more people would want him to succeed. Unfortunately, we have the devil in a suit and tie. This country needs a president, not a crime boss.

Dallas E. Ford

Rocky Mount