Letter to the Editor: Cooper overpays Cabinet


Thursday, April 19, 2018

Working for the government is supposed to be public service; it was never intended for a person to make a career out of government service. Neither are government employees to use the power of government for their financial gain.

Townhall columnist Brian Darling served in three different capacities with the Heritage Foundation. On April 20, 2018, he reported something very disturbing regarding Governor of NC, Roy Cooper.

Brian reports we are seeing many examples of individuals employed by the government making far more in salary than the taxpayers who are picking up their tab, plus they are using government power to cheat and defraud the taxpayers.

He goes on to say, “North Carolina is becoming an example of the new two Americas — government political employees versus the people.”

Brian reported Democrat, Governor Roy Cooper has given cabinet members raises up to 50 times more than the state legislature approved.

State workers each received $1,000. While their state employee politically-connected bosses got up to $50,000.

Does that tell us our governor cares very little about the hard working non-political employees?

Just regular hard-working people of North Carolina have an annual income of about $50,584 annually, which is below the national average.

However Dr. Mandy Cohen, secretary of the Department of Health and Human Service got a $50,000-plus raise her first year of employment, then a $17,500 raise in January of 2018. She now makes $192,500 a year.

Our governor justified this wage discrepancy on wanting to avoid turnover in the workplace, even though being in public service was never meant to be a career.

The columnist also reported that our governor has spent $1.5-plus million in taxpayer dollars on private law firms to fight the Republican-controlled legislature’s efforts to slow government spending.

Brian went on to report that apparently our governor and Secretary Cohen are shocked that anyone would call attention to the justification of treating everyday working Americans one way and politically aligned employees another because they have severely criticized those who want accountability from our governor when it comes to his politically aligned cabinet members.

Julia Manning

Spring Hope