Letter to the Editor: Kudos to students taking stand against bullying


Monday, April 16, 2018

I am thankful we have students and an elementary school counselor who have chosen to make an impact on the problem of bullying in our schools.

There is no place for that kind of behavior anywhere, but especially in our schools where students go to learn scholastically as well as learn how to get along with others.

Our digressive moral behavior as a society is causing many problems and bullying in our schools is one of the problematic behaviors.

I want to encourage each young person to do the right thing. If you are being bullied, seek help — there is help out there. If you are one who knows of bullying, bring it to a responsible person’s attention. Don’t give up; saving a fellow student is worth the fight.

Stopping bad behavior when someone is young may prevent them from mistreating their spouse and children later in life or ending up in prison.

Stopping this behavior may save the bullied from having mental and emotional issues. It can even prevent them from taking their life or the lives of others.

There is nothing right about allowing one person to take advantage of another person.

I offer up prayers on behalf of everyone who takes part in this very important undertaking of stopping the bullying in our schools as well as cyber bullying.

Julia Manning

Spring Hope