Letter to the Editor: Trump's trade policies deserve support


Sunday, April 15, 2018

The idea of a "trade war" is misinformation at it's worse. The U.S. has been engaged in a trade war for decades. And we've been losing badly.

Along comes President Trump, willing to defend America's interests, and the globalist corporations and their media whip up unnecessary anxieties with both the consumers and businesses. Naturally, countries like the Chinese are opposed to competing on a level playing field. Why should they readily give up a long held advantage?

Trump is right and deserves the support of the American people. We might have to give up a few temporary items but the fight is long overdue. By working a little harder where fair trade actually exists, we can overcome anything. Hard work is how all things, past, present and future are accomplished. How we became a nation of whiners is beyond belief.

If China stops buying soy beans, sell 'em somewhere else. They stop shipping subsidized goods into the U.S. We just tighten our belts and do without. Such struggles will be temporary. Socialist regimes have never been able to feed themselves without massive aid and advantages given to them. Let's watch the comrades squirm.

Mike Armstrong

Rocky Mount