Letter to the Editor: A mature approach to gun control


Friday, March 16, 2018

I would like to state my support for those high schoolers in Florida demanding stricter and safer gun control policies in this country.

I would hope that it becomes a national movement of high schoolers across the country. I believe It will be these children that can save America from the violence we see escalating. My view is that too many of our elderly citizens have succumbed to juvenile thinking on this issue, while our high schooler are more mature in their way of thinking of ways to curb gun violence.

Let me explain. I do not believe a weapon for war even if made semi-automatic or magazines that hold more than 6 rounds is needed for protecting ones home or for hunting. If a hunter can not bring down his quarry in six shots the question to be asked is if this hunter should be granted a license to hunt. Unless your home is attacked by some deranged motorcycle gang six shots would be enough to deter any intruder. Of course one can always buy multiple magazines if it makes one feel safer.

Which leads me to these asinine ideas of many of our so called mature citizens of giving more people guns. Our history teaches us that during the tameing of the west, law enforcement implemented gun control policy which led to less violence in their towns. Could you imagine if the citizens of towns that wyatt Earp was the law went to him about curbing the gun violence and he told them that he required all citizens carry a gun and if anyone drew a gun the rest of the citizens were to gun that individual down, Do you have any idea how that would turn out. Yet we have politicians and many of our elderly citizens making what I conider asinine statements like this. The policians offering these type of solutions I can understand. They have grown addicted to the money supplied to them by the gun manufacturing lobby.

What makes me proud of these children is they seem to exhibit the mental capacity to think more rationally than many of their elders. I hope they do not give up their struggle, for it is a noble one. Many of them are coming of voting age. I hope they stay true to their ideals of riddng government of anyone taking money from the NRA. It could lead to stamping money out of politics, which I believe would be the greatest thing to restoring democracy in America.

Merrell Washington

Rocky Mount