Letter to the Editor: Trump family uses White House to push business interests


Thursday, March 8, 2018

There is a reason some call this president “Liar in Chief”. He has told some doozies during his short term in office. But this man who had four deferments from military service stated he would rush a gunman with an AR-15 to protect school children.

Seriously?! Keep telling that lie to your base Trump, only they believe it. This man would never risk his life for anyone Let’s just be truthful.

Just like your “Tax Plan.” It may have worked for those at the top because, I sure didn’t get a break. Twenty-six dollars a month, I got extra, I guess I can go to the movies and see “Black Panther” – by myself. And this is temporary, so my taxes are set to increase in the near future.

If this president wasn’t such a hypocrite, one would wish him a successful presidency. But this man criticized his predecessor for years, stating he spent too much time on the golf course, and not enough time in the Oval Office. The hypocrisy is, Donald Trump has been to his golf courses 90 times during his first official year in office. This is compared to Barack Obama having played golf only 11 times during his first official year in office.

The Trump administration has tried to hide Trump’s activity from the media. So Trump has only been confirmed golfing 35 times. Yet he told his base that he would be too busy making policy to play golf. Trump promised the American people his administration would be transparent.

Imagine if Obama had visited the golf course 90 times. Those propaganda puppets from Fox News would have run it 24 hours a day. When asked to be critical of Trump and his outlandish remarks saying Obama wasn’t a U.S. citizen, among other things, the Republicans’ talking point was, “I am not my brother’s keeper.”

Well, now this nightmare of a president has made a mockery of the presidency. And now his house of cards is tumbling. Using a hostile government to assist in politics is never a good idea.

This president and his family are using the White House as their personal piggy bank. In defiance of all ethics rules, the Trump family is using their White House influence to push policy that benefits their business interests. Hopefully, the department that oversee ethics violations can put an end to this blatant violation.


Rocky Mount