Letter to the Editor: Now we know where the real collusion was


Friday, February 9, 2018

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party tried to hide the fact that they gave money to GPS Fusion to create a dossier which was used by their allies in the Barack Obama administration to convince a court misleadingly to spy on the Donald Trump team.

The uncorroborated Trump dossier, written by Christopher Steele, who did not want President Trump to be elected, was packed full of salacious lies.

It was nothing more than a political document, bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the sole purpose of guaranteeing Hillary’s election.

Andrew McCabe, deputy director of the FBI, confirmed that they would not have been able to even seek a FISA warrant without the dossier. Why? They had nothing else!

This secret court (FISA) issued a secret warrant based on a political document chock-full of lies, made to look like intelligence, to justify spying on Trump and his campaign.

People at the DOJ, the FBI, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, and most likely former President Obama knew about this big lie and withheld that from the FISA court. They even went so far as to back this big lie up with news reports.

The collusion you have heard so much about was a Democratic-run operation which included the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, the DNC, Fusion GPS, and the wife of Bruce Ohr, a DOJ official whose wife worked at Fusion GPS.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein – the man currently supervising special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, signed off on the renewal of Trump surveillance.

Now that the Devin Nunes memo has been released, we know that there was collusion in regard to the 2016 election, but it was not in the Trump camp; it was in the Democratic Party, the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

My prayer is that Lady Justice will have her way and every corrupt person in the DOJ; the FBI; the Clinton machine; the Obama administration; and others involved in this collusion will be brought to their knees. I pray that those who do what is right by the people will be lifted up.


Spring Hope