Letter to the Editor: Trump's silence on meddling is baffling


Thursday, February 8, 2018

Can Americans survive three more years of the Trump administration? Donald Trump is calling the Russian probe by Robert Mueller, who himself is one of the rare respected Republicans left, a witch hunt. If it was a witch hunt, this president would allow it to run its course and then say, “I told you so”. But his actions in trying to silence all who are involved with this investigation give credence that Trump has something to hide.

Suspected money laundering, the president’s failure to sign sanctions against Russia, and too many supposedly “no nothing meetings” with Russians will all come to the forefront in time. That is, if Mueller is allowed to continue his investigation of the most unscrupulous president since Richard Nixon.

Most Republican lawmakers seem to be standing by Trump and are trying to discredit a federal institution over what is deemed random chatter by a couple of agents. It’s no secret that the FBI has its sins of the past in how they dealt with politicians and civil rights leaders. Especially those of color. But when a hostile government threatens our freedom of democracy, this act needs investigating.

This president has to be made aware that no man is above the law. Republicans seem to be quiet on Trump, and are badmouthing that handful of Republicans who believe in country over politics. If this country allows this unsavory president to wreak havoc over our democratic process, then we are doomed as a nation. Why point fingers at dictatorships when this administration is treading a thin line?

Trump’s silence on Russian meddling is baffling. Those Republicans who claimed they wanted to get the truth grilled Hillary Clinton eight times on Benghazi. With Trump and the Russians, not much. They would rather bash our Intel groups.

The hypocrisy should make Americans want an outcome. Just imagine what an embarrassment it would be to Trump’s staunch supporters if Trump has to resign. This is after staying steadfast that there was no collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign.


Rocky Mount