Letter to the Editor: Twelve ways to improve the United States


Monday, February 5, 2018

I recently received an email from an Air Force buddy that really hit home with me. I have paraphrased his email for your readership because it raises issues that I believe are important not only to conservatives but to every American. These issues need to be addressed by our government.

So here goes: There are a few things I want our president to make happen: 1. Hold Hillary accountable for all her previous 'wrongs' – of which there are many. 2. Put "God" back in America. 3. Close our borders and make sure they are tightly guarded. 4. Put Congress on the same retirement and health care system as everybody else. 5. Make Congress obey its own laws. 6. Make English our country's primary language. 7. Institute mandatory drug screening before and during welfare enrollment. If it's good enough for the working folks to undergo periodic drug testing it's good enough for those on welfare. 8. No "freebies" for non-citizens – none, zero, nada! 9. Balance the budget. 10. Stop giving our largesse to foreign countries – charge them for our help. We can use those funds to better our country instead of some despot dictators’ "oppressed" country. 11. Make the 'rule of law' actually mean something again. Ayn Rand said: "When the law no longer protects you from the corrupt, but protects the corrupt – you know your nation is doomed." The law should pertain to every citizen no matter their 'level of perceived importance'. 12. Last but not least – Ensure our military, national anthem and flag receive the respect they deserve.

My hope is that the above 12 items instill a smidgen of curiosity, critical thinking and debate in Telegram readership. Do I believe these items can be addressed rationally by our current Congress? Maybe, maybe not!

Does anyone else out there in cyberspace, besides me, believe that our political dass(less) are "bought and paid for" – lock, stock and barrel? I also believe "The Donald" cannot be bought – he is just too rich to be bought and that has to irritate Congress and lobbyists to no end.

Donald J. Trump is the President of these United States – like it or not. I just wish Democrats would begin to participate in governing instead of trying to be immovable roadblocks to everything Trump.