Letter to the Editor: Troubling questions for a reader to ponder


Saturday, February 3, 2018

I do not understand how a person who has an armed bodyguard thinks I should not be able to carry a firearm.

How can a person insist on open borders while living in a gated community or a walled fortress?

Why do sexual advances insult a woman when she is dressed in a way that invites such behavior?

Is a woman who makes her living participating in sexually provocative movies actually offended when not treated like a lady?

How can entertainers who glorify violence and sex in the film industry while making millions and millions of dollars doing so, be up in arms when someone in the world mimics their behavior?

Why do women get out and march in droves for their right to kill their own children?

■ Why do women feel like they have to compete with men? Our Creator created both male and female with different roles to fulfill.

■ Why do people who cannot distinguish one gender from another think they qualify deciding who uses what bathroom?

■ Why do people choose to hate and hold grudges when both will end up destroying those who do such?

■ Why do some think it is O.K. to take what another person has worked for?

■ How can a person look at creation and procreation and not believe in the God of heaven and earth?

■ How can a person believe in God and not take Him at His Word?

■ “I have a right to my opinion, but you do not” makes no sense to me.

■ I do not understand how judging all Muslims by the actions of a few is wrong, but judging all gun owners by the actions of a few is not.

■ Social Security money is running out, but you never hear that about welfare money.

■ People shout ban guns when there is a school shooting, but with the next breath shout a woman has a right to kill her own child.

■ Why is a child’s worth dependent upon being in the womb or out of the womb?

■ Why do people think vulgarity and profanity are necessary to express one’s ideas? It makes no one sound smart or powerful, only ignorant.

■ Why are people so opposed to using God’s operation manual, The Bible, for knowing what is best for humanity, His creation?


Spring Hope