Letter to the Editor: Trump is best bet against cronyism, socialism


Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Globalism, a movement to install world government, has hit a snag, Donald Trump. Trump came along at just the right time. With a promise of more government controls and a continuing stagnant economy by the Democrats, a Trump victory was predictable. One-worlders aren’t sure how to handle the Trump. They played their race card, they called him an extremist, isolationist and worse. He is neither, no politician, this rough and tumble businessman is a pragmatist, using a mixture of several philosophies.

Across the pond, dissatisfaction with socialism has been growing. There are movements in many European countries.The Globalists were already alarmed. Along came The Donald with a free market message. He appeared in their lion’s den at Davos and gave them a lesson in Econ 101 with clarity and charm. Well received by business and investors and a subdued, fearful gaggle of socialist politicians, they are feeling the pressure to offer Europeans more freedom and a greater share of their production. Several are now suggesting a lowering of taxes and regulations.

Trump is learning the hard way that “The Swamp” is far more extensive and powerful than he imagined. A mixture of cronyism (false capitalism) and socialism permeates every level of government. Our universities are the incubators of this societal malady. Failing to adhere to the principles of good government, we are making only moderate progress. We look for sound leaders when few are available. Until more people understand good government, there will be an abundance of self-serving incumbents. Donald Trump, for whatever reason is our best bet. While we wait for competent leaders, let’s pray for his continued success and heightened discernment.


Rocky Mount