Letter to the Editor: Utility bills hurt retirees


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Six months ago, in July 2017, we bought a house in Rocky Mount to be our retirement home. We got a good deal and like it very much, as it is in a nice neighborhood and convenient for our needs.

During the summertime, we thought our utility bill was much higher than it should be, so we upgraded all our lightbulbs for LEDs. We also only use lights when needed. We keep our thermostat at a regular temperature, we covered all outside vents to our crawlspace, have storm windows and taped the bottom seal of our windows.

We still received a nearly $500 utility bill in January. Our heating is natural gas, which we have always been told is less expensive than electric heat.

There are only two occupants in our house, neither of whom leave doors open, lights on, etc. What does the city of Rocky Mount do with all of the money they receive from utility payments?

They certainly didn’t use it to plow our streets after the snowstorms. We are considering moving away because we, as seniors, cannot afford a utility bill as expensive as our mortgage.


Rocky Mount