Letter to the Editor: Secret to reducing deficits is to cut spending


Friday, January 12, 2018

It’s probably to be expected, the hue and cry from liberals after the passage of the tax reform bill in Washington.

These liberals are up in arms screaming about how the new bill will lead to exploding budget deficits. They project revenues out into the future and say that money won’t be there to fund all these government programs.

But that’s true only if the programs continue growing apace. If the programs are scaled back or eliminated altogether, the tax revenues will be sufficient.

If D.C. politicians have to actually work within the constraints of less tax revenues, they have to pick and choose their programs more wisely. That’s a good thing.

The deficit doesn’t have to go up, and neither does the natonal debt.

The elected representatives in Washington have had gobs of tax money during the last 30 years or so. They didn’t pay down the national debt. There’s been no reduction in government’s growth, either.

Do they, the political class, think we’ll suddenly see austerity break out in Washington, D.C.?

Don’t hold our breath waiting on that one.

There’s no part of the federal government that needs to grow, and there’s a good many parts of the federal government that need to be slashed or done away with completely.

All the bombast about future exploding deficits is empty rhetoric, meaningless. It’s the wailing of a wounded animal.

Nobody knows what the budget deficits will be in the future, or even there will be any future deficits.

It all really relates to government spending. If the spending is scaled back, then voila. The looming debt crisis disappears.

Tax revenues will fund only that which is necessary. Sounds good, right?


Rocky Mount